Refuge Ranch Ministries specializes in showing people, just like you, how to get deliverance from areas of torment which the Bible refers to as “strongholds”. Be assured, that just as there is a God in Heaven who loves you and has a plan and purpose for your life, there is also an enemy of your soul, whose primary missionand goal is to destroy you—Body and Soul.

Satan works through areas of our mind and soul to keep us in bondage from becoming everything God created us to be, to keep us from being everything God created to give us to do, and to keep us from receiving everything God created to give us: Peace, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Purpose, Direction, Meaning in Life, Self-Worth, Value, Financial Stability, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Minds and Bodies, an Eternal Home with Him in Heaven.


(Pray this prayer in the presence of another person who is confidential, responsible, and who has spiritual wisdom.)

“Heavenly Father, it is my choice to forgive ____(Name)____… for the offense which he/she brought against me (describe the offense).

I forgive him/her unconditionally for the things done which have brought hurt in my life. I assign to ___(Name)____ full responsibility for his/her attitude and actions which brought pain in my life. That is between You and him/her. But I assume responsibility for the choices I made and for my attitude and actions.

Therefore, I drop every charge which I have brought against him/her and give up the right to ever charge him/her again for this offense. I cancel every judgment I have made against him/her. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I release him/her from all responsibility for the hurt which ho/she caused me regardless of how badly I was hurt

Heavenly Father, I drop every charge I have ever made against You for permitting this to happen to me and please forgive me for and way that I have blamed You in this offense. Heavenly father, as I have forgiven ___(Name)___ for the hurt I have experienced, please forgive me of my hurt, bitterness, anger and unforgiveness.

Holy Spirit, please come and heal my wounded spirit, my thoughts, my emotions, my memories, and my attitude from all the damage and defilement caused by my offense. Thank You, Father, for my healing.” (Jefferson Floyd)

(It may be necessary to pray more than once regarding a particular issue. Not for God’s benefit, but for yours.) 


To get free from ADD, You need to break off the generational curses attached to you from idolatry, occultism and false religion. You also need to cast out the spirits of confusion, distraction, indecision, procrastination, forgetfulness, anxiety, rejection, fear and insecurity.

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